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Nothing speaks more powerfully about the caring and professionalism we show our clients than through what they have to say about us. Lookout IronMan Arizona

I had a stiff right shoulder and a sore left foot that were keeping me from swimming and running. I found Dr. Valle listed on the ART® website. Prior to seeing Dr. Valle, I would rest my foot and massage the shoulder. After seeing Dr. Valle I am now able to swim and run in preparation for Ironman Arizona. What he's done for me has made a huge improvement. ~D. Cole~

Relief From 10 Years of Pain Ten years ago, ...I was struck from the rear by a full size...van going 60 mph. The impact shoved the bed of my truck into the cab. Unfortunately, the truck didn't have the headrest so my neck was hyper-extended when my head knocked out the rear window...The doctors checked me out and sent me home with prescription Motrin and orders to rest for a couple of days.

Throughout the following years, I experienced chronic pain and stiffness in my neck. I continued to take over the counter anti-inflammatories and occasional prescriptions when the discomfort again forced me into a Dr's office. New anti-inflammatories and physical therapy were unsuccessful. My head was tilting forward and it was very difficult to turn my head to either side.

My neighbor suggested that I see a Chiropractor and recommended Dr. Valle. With nothing to lose, I made an appointment and went; dreading the "cracking" that I was expecting. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Valle gently manipulated my neck and back into alignment using small, quick movements. After my first visit, I noticed a huge difference in my ability to turn my head side to side and up and down. What a relief!!

I hadn't realized how tense my shoulders were until my spine was straight and my head was once again erect...After a month, I have had a significant reduction in pain and have significantly increased my mobility!

A huge thank you to Dr. Valle! The physical changes that were made have had a positive impact in my life: improved sleep, increased energy, and a more positive outlook. Once again, thank you Dr. Valle! ~E. Laughlin~

For the First Time In A Year I Can Play Catch I came to see Dr. Valle after I was referred by a coworker. I originally injured myself while on travel, my luggage refused to get on the escalator with me, and my shoulder felt like it was torn out of the socket. It was later discovered to be a torn ACL. For fifteen months, under the regimen of an M.D., I had a series of "exercises" such as lying on a table and dangling my arm then extending it out straight. Not only were these exercises futile, but they caused me a lot of pain. To help me deal with the pain I was prescribed a medication very similar to Motrin. The entire time I was doing the exercises and taking pain medication I was unable to move my right arm in certain directions...I would experience a sharp pain, followed by the sensation that my shoulder was dislocated.

For the first time in over a year I can play catch. That may not sound exciting but when you have a ten-year-old it's a joy to be able to play catch. I have been able to reach over and grab things without thinking about it, without an unexpected stab of pain. I have been able to sleep on either side without waking up in pain. I've gotten the most satisfying nights sleep in a long, long time since beginning chiropractic care.

Dr. Valle is doing intense work on my shoulder, and I won't lie, at times the pain during the sessions is excruciating, but I let this problem compound for over a year before I sought out chiropractic therapy. Dr. Valle explains everything he is going to do and why before he begins, and the reason for doing it. I never believed my shoulder could be healed by chiropractic therapy, I was positive it would require surgery, but I was mistaken. In two weeks my range of motion went from 50% to 100% and I couldn't be happier. ~F. Dickinson~
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